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Integrative Medicine care is a newer concept!
It's the ultimate physician/patient relationship!
Please read over the Q and As first!

Patient Oath:
I understand that the extent to which my health goals are successful will be determined by the amount of energy, commitment, and dedication I give to support the work I am endeavoring into.
I accept responsibility for my health. 

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What kind of doctor is Dr. Jen?


Dr. Jen Pfleghaar is a board certified Medical doctor. She sees patients at the office, can prescribe medications and order lab work.



Is the visit covered by insurance?


Insurance will not cover the Integrative Medicine appointment.


Is lab work covered by insurance?


Basic blood work (for example- CBC, BMP, Thyroid, Hormones, ect) will be covered by insurance and Dr. Jen will provide codes for them. However, this is not guaranteed.

Functional lab tests or stool tests are not covered by insurance and this testing will be crucial for a proper treatment plan. Expect to pay $300 - $800 for this testing.


Is Dr. Jen my primary care doctor?


No, her specialty is Integrative Medicine. You will need a primary care doctor and office for your primary care needs.


Can I email Dr. Jen?


No, the best way to reach Dr. Jen is calling the office (567) 336-6001 or email


You can also set up an appointment with Dr. Jen. She will also have some

If you would like to have more contact with Dr. Jen she will be taking a handful of client a year for a gold service.


Are supplements covered by insurance?

You can use an HSA card to purchase supplements and pay for the services. 


What makes Dr. Jen different from a naturopath?

Naturopathic doctors are regulated at the state level. Currently, there are online programs that give out naturopathic degrees with minimal training. Training can vary widely. 

Dr. Jen will work with properly trained naturopaths and she welcomes working with them!

What are the office rules?

If you have not seen Dr Pfleghaar in 2 years you are considered a new patient.
Hormone  replacement patients need appointments every 3 months until stable, then every 6 months. 
If you run out of refills, that means you needed to follow up. Refills will not be authorized without an appointment. 
Lab work will be given at the appointment. It will not be given before the initial appointment. Follow up lab will be given at appointments. 

Please be respectful of Dr Pfleghaar’s time. If you need something call the office, or email If there is something urgent go to the emergency room or call your primary care physician. 
If you need to communicate with Dr. Pfleghaar, before your next appointment she does have short telephone visit appointments you can utilize. 
Charge for forms $25 

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